3 Months English Language

introduction Welcome to the 3 Months English Language and British Accent Training Course by Sir Naveed! Are you looking to improve your English language skills and develop a polished British accent? Look no further! Sir Naveed, a highly experienced educator with 15 years of teaching experience, is here to guide you through this transformative journey. […]

Why British English is the Original English?

The original English language is known as Old English, and came from the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Northern Germany, who invaded and settled in England in the fifth century A.D. Over time, their language evolved into Middle English, which is the form of English spoken during the medieval period. English from this period has both Germanic […]

2 Months British Accent Training

https://bselondon.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/WhatsApp-Video-2023-06-27-at-00.48.01.mp4 introduction Are you tired of struggling to understand native British speakers? Do you want to speak with a British accent confidently? Look no further! Our course is designed to help you achieve your goals in just 2 months. Our Course Offers: Expert training: Our instructors are highly experienced and trained to teach British accent […]

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